Baby Steps

I’m not afraid of running uphill. In fact I kind of enjoy it. When I run uphill, I take baby steps. I shorten my stride, slow down my speed a little, but I don’t stop moving forward. Keep moving in the right direction, and eventually you’ll make it to the top, right?

I need to incorporate this thinking into other aspects of my life (I’ve noticed so many times how running and life things overlap. If only life was really as simple as running.) I really like this idea of breaking big challenges down into baby-steps. I don’t stop at the bottom of each hill, just staring at the top (where I want to be) and worry/wondering how I’ll get there. I just keep moving, and then eventually I’m there.

I’ve noticed that unlike running, before starting sometimes I tend to stop and worry. What happens if I fail? What happens if it’s not perfect? What if I fall down? The only surefire way not to make it up that hill is if you just stop at the bottom and give up.

Since we’re on the topic of baby steps, I’ll also share some photos from my friends baby shower this weekend! Her shower was in gorgeous Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Even though the drive there and back by myself on Sunday felt long, it was worth it to..

Celebrate with her at her fantastic shower:


Take in the gorgeous coastal Maine views (the way life should be…)


And last but not least.. worth it for the CRAZY GOOD cupcakes (note the pink frosting. It’s a girl!!!!)


Oats of Steel = Abs of Steel?

My newest food obsession is Steel Cut Oats. I have been an oatmeal fan forever, but always opted for the instant oats since, they were quick and easy and well, I am lazy!

I knew that the ingredients in the instant flavored oatmeal aren’t necessarily the best, and that there is often times a lot of added sugar. Recently I decided to put on my big-girl kitchen apron and whip up some Steel Cut Oats. My first experience with them was making a crock-pot full. In the crock-pot, there was enough for breakfast for a full month (not kidding!) These babies are sooo filling.

In addition to the oats and water, I added in milk, a little vanilla, cinnamon & brown sugar into the crock-pot and when it came time to heat-up/eat I would add a scoop of peanut butter and some berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, or all 3). There are tons of easy recipes online for the crock-pot oats- I think I used this one.

The next few times I have just made it on the stove top or in the microwave following the directions on the bag . Each time has been super delicious, and so filling. Normally after eating oatmeal, I’ll crave another snack or early lunch within a short-time, so the fact that this kept me satisfied for so long was really interesting!  It turns out that our bodies do not digest all oats equally, and since the steel ones take longer to digest, it keeps us fuller for a longer period of time and keep the metabolism on point. Good to know!

I’ll still love instant oatmeal and really all oats in general, but definitely looking forward to incorporating more steel-cut into the diet. Remember folks, abs (of steel) are made in the kitchen!!


None of your Business

What other people think of you is none of your business. It’s not. Yet sometimes we somehow let this idea of what we think other people think about us affect us, and spend a lot of time thinking or even worrying about something, that is frankly none of our business and that we certainly don’t have much control over.

Some people are going to love you, some people aren’t going to like you, and most people aren’t going to think about you all that much because they are pretty consumed worrying about what other people are thinking about them. #truth

What if we all stopped caring about what other people thought and just decided to be ourselves, free of judgement (or perceived judgement), insecurity, fear, jealousy, etc?

I know all too well that to just “stop caring” is something much easier said than done, but maybe a first step to stop caring can be to START to care more- for ourselves. To be so caring, loving and confident with yourself that you really could care less about what others think.

FYI – I think you’re awesome, but that’s really none of your business 😉


End Rant

When I got out of work yesterday and stepped into the bright afternoon sunshine, I wanted to take back the whole post from yesterday morning. Don’t get me wrong, the morning was ROUGH, but the afternoon and evening with more light and warmth were glorious. Walking around with my dog in sun and not freezing to death made me feel like everything was right in the world.

All that spring-like air not only improved my mood, but it also turned me into a cleaning machine. Post-walk I scrubbed the entire bathroom: Tile floor, toilet, sink, bathtub, the works. After seeing all the dog hair and dirt in the bathroom I even decided to bathe and scrub the dog.  Where has this energy been all my life? Hidden in the dark, cold snowbanks I assume.

If you are feeling the spring cleaning urge too, check out this What to clean today chart found on Pinterest. This seems doable, even with a busy schedule! Don’t have time to deep clean the whole house? No problem! Like almost everything in life, break it down into little manageable pieces, take action and pretty soon you’ll accomplish more than you could have ever imagined.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my delicious snack at work today: Oikos Key Lime Greek yogurt mixed with 3 Sisters Graham Crackerz cereal from Wholefoods. Eat this to reward yourself after all that spring cleaning!


Save the Daylight?

Monday morning is hard. The Monday morning after daylight savings is even harder. Especially if you have to wake up at the crack of dawn. 5am was finally starting to feel like dawn (it was getting a little lighter) but now is back to being middle-of-the-night- pitch-black, because just 2 days ago it was only 4am. Does this even make sense? No. Because I don’t think Daylight Savings really makes sense. Of all the things that really need saving, is daylight one of them?

I know, I know. I’ll be happy when the days are longer and the birds are chirping and the sun stays out later. I love a good dose of Vitamin D as much as anyone, but for this already tired girl, the time change yesterday and the effects of it on me today are just adding insult to injury.  Why can’t this happen around 4pm on a Monday? We should start a campaign to take back our weekend.

Happy DLS

Since I can’t obviously do anything to change the situation THIS year (next year the take back your weekend campaign will totally take off) I’ll try to focus on what I CAN do: I CAN Exercise today, drink lots of water, eat clean and try to hit the hay a few minutes earlier than usual. How do you save yourself from Daylight Savings?

Our first hOMe!

Hi friends! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far! Mine hasn’t really started yet, or at least doesn’t feel ‘official’ yet since I taught a yoga class this morning, which was my seventh (seventh!) class this week and I am also on my 6th full day of work. So yeah, needless to say working hard for that money. It’s probably a good thing though because….


Ross and our bedroom door in Costa Rica. The struggle was real.

We bought a house this week! Well, by ‘house’ I mean we purchased a tiny little one-bedroom apartment in Charlestown. Regardless, it’s still our first real home to own, and we love it! We tend towards the small spaces, big hearts type of lifestyle 😉 We’ve gone from sharing a room in a 6 bedroom house with 5 male roomates (plus some girlfriends, siblings and extras), to two small North End apartments which may or may not have been run by slumlords, and a room in a Costa Rican tin-roof casa. Compared to some of our other situations, this 500 sq. ft. apartment feels like a palace. Seriously in Costa Rica Ross couldn’t even fit through the doors…

We fell in love with our apartment, and with Charlestown when we moved here 3 years ago. I hated the idea of having to move away from this special little town, but we wanted to buy and buying here seemed out of the question (ie out of the budget). Circumstances happened where our amazing landlord (she really was amazing- it almost will make me miss renting- almost) moved out of the country and selling, to us, seemed to make sense all around. Crazy right? No brokers, no moving, no fuss. We closed on Monday.

I can’t wait until the weather gets a little warmer so we can do some painting, decorating, gardening… and maybe even dig our patio out of the snow. The patio may or may not be included in the 500 sq. ft. measurement above, and serves as our dining room for as many days as we can pull it off.

On that note, it’s t-minus 2 hours until work ends…Can’t wait to be home!

Failures and Favorites

Hello and Happy Monday! New week, new month, New goals. So – reviewing my sleep goals in my last post  I am sad to report that I failed. Miserably. I don’t think I managed 8 hours of sleep once, nor did I hit that ever elusive 10pm curfew. I did watch a lot less t.v. and did fine with the caffeine/alcohol restrictions, so I’m not sure really where I went wrong, but I think a lot of it had to do with not being prepared. Being unprepared/unorganized during the week seems to be a huge time-suck for me. This week I’m going to focus more on food prepping and planning ahead for my next day (think clothing picked out, yoga lessons set well before class, breakfast and lunch packed if necessary) We’ll see how this goes! Wish me luck, I obviously need it.

Since my sleep was still lacking I spent most of the weekend trying to catch up on that (which is impossible, by the way). We went to dinner at a friend’s house in the North End on Friday, and the Saturday pretty much just crashed after the long week. It was a sunny, warmish day and I did get out for quick dog walk with the fam and a yoga class. I just wish I had a little more energy to take full advantage of the weekend/ time-off.

I wanted to balance out the fails above with some favorites from the past week. Here are some things I am loving:

Kiehl’s Products: My husband, who is probably one of the biggest minimalists (or smallest?) I know introduced me to Kiehl’s when we first started dating. His Aunt in NYC got him some Kiehl’s lotion and shave cream for Christmas one year and he was hooked. I actually tried using his stuff for awhile and really loved it. So much that I decided I needed my own (and he decided he was sick of me using his favorite products).  I have dry skin, and the weather in New England is NOT kind on skin in general so a good facial lotion or cream is a MUST for me. I’ve spent a lot of money on crap products, or even good products that just didn’t work for me. Warning: Kiehl’s is expensive, but I have loved every.single.thing I have purchased from there. Some of my personal favorites are the Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum (I swear it’s anti-aging and magic) and the Rosa Arctica Lightweight Cream. Ross loves the Facial Fuel with SPF and the lip balm. I think it’s worth every penny (and that’s saying a lot, since it’s a lot of pennies).

DryBar Boston: My sister and I indulged in blowouts here yesterday and it was so much fun! It’s only $40 which I think for the experience and the results is more than worth it. We paid an extra $10 for the ‘floater’ which is a 10 minute head massage during your shampoo. So basically, 10 minutes in heaven. The salon itself is decorated so chic, and the staff were all really sweet.  Will definitely be back!