Feeling Half Crazy

You have to be at least a little crazy to sign-up for a marathon or half-marathon in general, never mind signing-up to run one of these babies during one of the coldest months of the winter in New England. The Hyannis Half-Marathon, which takes place annually in February, is a fantastic road race that Ross and I have run a few times. Ross’ grandmother and aunt live right in Hyannis, so we have a free place to stay on the Cape, great company to visit, and it’s always a nice little motivation to get out there and keep running despite the weather in the weeks leading up to it.

That was in the past though. Remember the good old days, when snowstorms meant 10 inches, not feet? Back in the day when you had the option to run on a treadmill when the weather was too bad to run outside. You might hate the treadmill, but you at least had this option because you could still get to the gym to get on that damn treadmill, because the MBTA was running and the gym was open. This winter did not just shut down runners and their gyms, it shut down the whole city. It also, unfortunately shut down the Hyannis Half Marathon for the first time since 1994.


In my 10 years of running road races, this was the first time a race I was signed-up for was cancelled. I guess that’s not a bad ‘track’ record (running joke). I also, due to the weather craziness, did not go crazy training for this. I can’t remember the last time I ran longer than 6 miles at time. Still, I’ve been somewhat looking forward to this freezing cold, difficult distance event – it’s been way too long since I’ve challenged myself physically in a race, and I actually did want  a reason to force myself to be outdoors breathing in fresh air for more than 2 hours.

What hurts even more is getting burned on those entry fees! I get that they have already dedicated time, money and resources into making the even work up until the last minute. I’m sure that the agreement I signed upon entry stated ‘no refunds’ – still the fact that I lost over $100 (from both mine and Ross’ entries) due to the fact that the event was cancelled really sucks. They did offer a $15 discount off another race in their series, but honestly $15 isn’t that much of an incentive and I think it’s too soon to be promoting your other events while simultaneously telling me you aren’t refunding me for the current one. I read this as “We are keeping your money and you get nothing in return, but don’t worry, you can give us more money!” Thats about as logical as signing-up for a distance event in Hyannis in February 😉 I guess they know their audience.

I’m still feeling half-crazy though, and I look forward to signing-up for another race, preferably in a tropical climate, soon.


Pillow Talk

Hello and Happy Sunday! I’m not sure about you, but lately I’ve been using my weekends to try to catch up on those zzzzzz’s, and not surprisingly, this hasn’t been working out for me very well. When it comes to sleep there really is no ‘catching up’. I have to be awake by 5am several days during the week, so needless to say sleeping in until 10am on Sunday definitely throws me off for that early Monday morning wake-up call.

The 5-6 hours of sleep I’ve been getting, combined with long days of working and teaching leaves me super exhausted. It’s not like I’m doing any ‘resting’ or even sitting down during most of the day either. Don’t get me wrong – I love being busy and active. I do however think this lack-of-sleep is part of the reason I have been getting more sick and run down this winter than ever before. That and the fact that this winter weather in Boston is just ridic and getting outside is hard to do when the snow is as high as your head so you get trapped inside with all the germs.


Mango outweighing the pros and cons of escaping the germs inside and drowning in snow.

Unlike Elsa, I can’t control the freezing cold snowy weather but I CAN try to control and improve my bad sleeping habits. I started this weekend by getting up and starting the day earlier to be a little more consistent, and for this week I am to to try the following 5 things:

1. Going to bed earlier. Easier said than done. And probably won’t happen tonight since we are going to do dinner at our friends’ house, and the Oscars are on. (Have I mentioned I am REALLY good at making up excuses to not go to sleep early). But every other night, 10pm is my limit – and 2 hours specials of ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ will have to be DVR’d.

2. On that note, less TV.

3. Limiting caffeine intake – one coffee in the morning, none after 2pm. It’s way too easy to fall into the cycle of not getting enough sleep, relying on caffeine to wake-up/stay awake, and then not being able to sleep because you’re so hyped up on said caffeine that you just need to stay up and have a Taylor Swift dance party in the living room with your dog. Wait, is that just me?

4. Limiting alcohol too. I love relaxing with a few glasses of vino, but I also hate not being able to relax in bed the morning after drinking it.

5. Having something to look forward to in the morning! Knowing I have a yummy prepared breakfast (like OIAJ! Maybe this will be featured everyday) and hot lemon water waiting for me always helps me to get up and get moving.

The fact that I’ve referenced both Frozen and T-Swift here in this post should be proof of just how sleep deprived I really am. It’s obviously a desperate time folks. If you have any tried and true tricks for getting more sleep please share!


Sleepless in Boston

Life = A Great Balancing Act

Honestly, this blog should probably be called ‘Unbalanced in Boston’ because, despite my best intentions, a lot of the time I don’t do a very good job at the whole balancing act! Then I remember,  we oftentimes have to lose our balance in order to find it…

I am a Marketing Manager at a health club in Cambridge, MA and Registered Yoga Teacher.  I teach public and private yoga classes all around the Boston area. Like most people, my  schedule keeps me insanely busy, but I still try to find a way to prioritize health & wellness everyday (oh yeah, and I also try to have some kind of social life…)